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Red Wine by the Bottle


   Cabernet Franc       Inniskillin                               


Displays generous red fruit aromas of raspberry and blackberry.

The palate is rich and full with bold fruit flavours and a

smooth finish


   Cabernet Sauvignon   Wolf Blass                         


Full flavoured blackcurrant fruit, subtle oak and fine tannins

create a superbly balanced palate


    Malbec                       Marcus James                      


This Mendoza Malbec has magnificent complexity and an

outstanding depth of delicious berry notes and hints of spice


   Merlot                           Naked Grape                       


Unoaked Merlot is a soft, fruit driven wine with rich plum

 and black cherry flavours


   Pinot Noir                Sonora Ranch                                      


Best enjoyed on its own or paired with roasted chicken

and creamy sauces. Tasting notes: robust strawberry,

ripe raspberry, light finish


   Winemakers Blend   Apothic                             


Made from Zinfandel and Syrah, balanced with Cabernet

 Sauvignon and Merlot.  Flavours of black cherry and rhubarb

with notes of mocha and spice. It is medium-to-full bodied with

soft tannins leading to a smooth finish. A wine made for pasta


   Zinfandel                   Dancing Bull                             


Vibrant, zesty, and bursting with flavours of black cherry

 and raspberry, with just the right amount of spice on the finish.

The perfect pairing for charbroiled food and red meat




WhiteWine by the Bottle


  Bacchus VQA          Chaberton                         


Intense aromas of fresh peaches, chamomile and citrus. This off

 dry wine has flavours of apricots, luscious nectarines and soft

lemon notes with a long smooth finish


  Chardonnay           Marcus James                       


This Mendoza Chardonnay is brightly fruity, with tropical notes complemented by hints of spice and the warmth of vanilla


  Moscato                    Barefoot                          


A sweet wine with hints of delicious mouth-watering juicy peach

and apricot flavours. Notes of lemon and orange citrus

compliment a crispy refreshing finish. Perfect with

spicy dishes, light desserts, fruits and mild cheeses


  Pinot Grigio              Barefoot                             


Floral blossoms and citrus aromas on the nose lead to tart green

 apple flavours with a white peach undertone on the palate.

Light-bodied with a bright finish make’s this wine perfect

to enjoy with chicken and spicy pasta


  Sauvignon Blanc   Beach House                        

South African

Tastes like Lemongrass and gooseberries in a glass. This is a

stunning, fresh and delicious white wine perfect for sitting

out in the sun. Pairs well with fresh chicken, fish,

 salads, and vegetarian dishes


  Winemakers Blend    Apothic                            


A delicate blend of smooth Chardonnay, aromatic Riesling and luscious Moscato which create layers of tropical fruit complemented by hints of honey and vanilla




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